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Women do belong in tech

We aim to transform the views on women in tech and show the world that there’s a place for everyone in the tech industry.

Herizon helps women gain access to tech knowledge in a world where the field has long been out of their reach.

Herizon ry is a non-profit, registered association to create inclusive real-life opportunities in tech with internships, education and publishing.

Herizon's internship has a proven track-record of training and employing already 100 individuals completely volunteer based.

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Herizon team

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Ale Sanchez Soto

Project Manager


Volunteer in community & partnerships

Anni Pyhäjoki

our Story

Where it all started

Our beginnings

First iteration of growth hacking internship

Pilot program with 2 interns launched. Scalable lead acquisition was achieved to multiple early-stage startup companies during the program. Both interns employed full-time.


Iterating the program

Iterating the growth hacking internship program during the year. Transition to remote-first and english.


Scaling the program

Testing the limits of the internship group size. Becomes clear that scaling needs more resources. Applicant count reaches over 1000 educated immigrants searching for entry-level job.


Expansion to community based program

Expansion to Discord community based initiative. Founding the registered non-profit organization. Experimenting DAO structure to global scale.

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Herizon delivers real impact for real people
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