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growth hacking internship

2 month intensive course of systematic problem-solving in startups.

92% of the alumni got hired immediately.

hire rate after herizon internship program
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I started Growth Hacking Internship to solve my own bottleneck as Head of Growth at early-stage venture capital firm: to get people to perform systematic test-iteration for early-stage startups.

After training 100 people in 2 years with incredible hire rate of 92%, this program has proven to be excellent model to train and employ immigrant women in tech and also add diversity to often male-dominant tech companies.

Growth Hacking Internship is now available as Herizon's signature internship program. For her, everywhere.

-Mari Luukkainen, founder of Herizon

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growth hacking internship

Growth Hacking Internship is a 2 month intensive course during which interns will learn hands-on Strategic Growth Hacking by weekly test-iteration in a hand-picked startup.

The program focuses on learning and maintaining the growth hacking process in weekly sprints and solving the bottlenecks of startups firsthand in a collaborative learning environment of a Slack community of 100+ internship alumni and other professionals, 30+ Vimeo recordings and a biweekly growth hacking session with Mari.

Interns will get an environment to maximize their learning curve by working with a plethora of global startups.

Hunger to learn the skills to maintain a process and organize oneself effectively are the only requirements. Other interns and a community of alumni and specialists are available for your support.

A career in a startup is very likely after the program.
The program has 92% hire rate immediately after the internship.

1. Application

An intern or a company sends an application.

2. Qualification

Applications are qualified.

Interns: no particular experience is expected, but certain motivation factors are screened.

Companies: financially stabile to pay for the internship, motivation to hire the intern full-time if both agree and understanding that they're dealing with an intern who is learning news skills (expectation management).

3. Matchmaking

Amount of companies is currently lower than the interns, so matchmaking is done immediately after a company application is received.

Intern is matched to a company based in the mutual interests and expectations of the program.

4. Interview

A lightweight interview between a company and an intern where they agree on possible start.

If both parties feel to proceed, they sign a contract of 2 months internship with a 1200 eur monthly salary.

5. Internship

Internship begins with a OKR session with the company where interns' goals are agreed.

Intern starts immediately perform the weekly tests to try to improve the OKRs.

Support is available during the internship on the Slack community of internship alumni, Video archive and biweekly sessions.

Proactivity is a mandatory. Intern doesn't get direct answers but they get help to solve a problem themselves.

6. Hire

After the internship the company and the intern review the internship and agree to continue together or not.

If not, after a successful internship (successfully maintained the weekly process) intern will get help to find more opportunities to get hired.

The process

internship process

What happens after sending an application.
success stories

Growth hacking internship alumni

Individuals who succeeded.

Improve your company's diversity with Herizon's talent pool.

We have over 2000 high diversity applicants open for remote-first jobs around Europe and US. Apply as a company and provide a life-changing opportunity for an individual in need.

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