Herizon for companies

Provide meaningful job opportunities for individuals in need.

We have over 2000 high diversity applicants open for remote-first jobs around Europe and US. Join us to provide a life-changing opportunity for an individual in need.

Among 100+ provided jobs through Herizon
For startups

Offer an internship opportunity

Our signature internship is an efficient 2-month program to practice the skill of growth hacking hands-on in your startup.

Employment rate of over 90% has proven that growth hacking internship is excellent way to find diverse talent to help you to solve the most common growth bottlenecks of an early-stage startup.

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For corporations

Advocacy membership

Herizon operates as non-profit organisation and we warmly welcome financial support.

Your company can join in as advocacy member which costs 8750e per year and is VAT free. In return you get our special newsletter, access to the Growth Hacking Talent Pool, DEI and Growth Hacking workshops, and access to our annual meetings.

Most importantly, the person whose life your support has changed will visit you personally to talk about the impact these actions have on their life. This is unmeasurable.

For other support suggestions and collaborations please contact anu@herizon.io or leave a message!

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