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Join Herizon Academy's comprehensive learning community for women from all backgrounds and experiences and take advantage of our paid Herizon Growth Hacking Internship program for hands-on experience and mentorship in the industry.

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Find your new career in tech.

Herizon helps women gain access to tech knowledge in a world where the field has long been out of their reach.

We aim to transform the views on women in tech and show the world that there’s a place for everyone in the tech industry.

Our internships give women the right tools and mindset to pursue their dreams and potential where they truly get to make an impact.

Herizon is

Collaborative learning and support

Succeed in tech with our wide network of tools and connections for learning and support.

Growth hacking internship

Our signature internship is a 2 month intensive course of systematic problem-solving in startups with excellent hire rate of over 90%.

Alumni and mentor community

Herizon Academy learning community of 100+ and Discord community of 500+ internship alumni and other mentors to help you with job-seeking, career, or domain expertise-related issues.

Company network

A wide network of international companies around Nordics and Baltics to find the career of your dreams. We do active search for hidden job opportunities.

Expert bi-weeklies and video library

Members of the internship Slack community have an exclusive access to whiteboard learning sessions with experts and a comprehensive video library of recordings during past 2 years.

Events and challenges

Events and challenges to grow your network within the community, and work and learn together.

Extra income

Wealthy women will shape the future. Upcoming community project model will give you an access to extra revenue streams.

Herizon academy membership

Empower your future with Herizon Academy

Our comprehensive curriculum, supportive community, and flexible learning options provide the resources and mentorship needed to succeed in your personal and professional life.

Whether you're interested in personal development, professional skills, or technical training in the tech industry, we have a course for you.

Our inclusive and welcoming environment is designed to be accessible to women from all backgrounds and experiences.

The latest Herizon Growth Hacking Internship positions are announced at Herizon Academy.

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Herizon Growth hacking internship

Launch your career with hands-on experience

Are you looking for hands-on experience and mentorship in the tech industry? Our internship program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen field.

We partner with leading tech companies to offer paid internships with experienced professionals.

You'll have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, develop your skills, and build your professional network.

The hire rate after the internship is over 90% after over 100 interns.

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