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February 8, 2023

A Growth Hacker journey: Third Week

A Growth Hacker journey: Third Week

Hi, welcome to my third week as Growth Hacker at Evergreen. 🤩

This week, I learned more about different things.


First, the importance of settling things down. Growing a company is not only in charge of one person is continuous teamwork. To grow, first, we need to set some basic information about which growth we want to achieve, our main objectives, which are our Ideal customers, which OKRs (Objective Key Results), and the milestones we will have to measure our success. So, we need to communicate with the team and build together this basement of information. And that is what we did.

The next learning is about the importance of experimentation and the documentation process.

You might be thinking... what is this?
Well as part of the daily activities of a Growth Hacker, we do some little experiments that will help the company to escalate or grow, and it can be something related to marketing, sales, or the product itself. And the documentation is a way to keep track of these experiments, so you can measure if this works or not, and have a file with all that you are trying for future purposes.  But the most important thing of the documentation and experimentation process is not the outcome as we might think... It is about the learning analysis in both failures and victories of your experiment.

All this made me realize that similar way as in life, in growth Hacking you get to learn even when you fail, but if you fail or succeed you will have actionable based on that learning. So at the end of the week, I identified what didn’t work and what was a good move and just learn from it.

Also this week I learn other things,  I coped with impostor syndrome and I needed to reach out to the community of Growth Hackers in Herizon, and what I learned is that is fine to ask for help and that there will be always someone to cheer you up, but mostly that Growth Hacking is a process, that you need to test, try, learn and repeat again, and especially don’t be so hard on yourself.

So all that said, now I'm looking forward to the next to share my next week’s insights.

Stay tuned for more growth hacking updates!



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