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January 25, 2023

A Week in the Life of a Herizon Growth Hacker at Evergreen

A Week in the Life of a Herizon Growth Hacker at Evergreen

In this journey of living in Finland, I started with a new adventure… Becoming a growth hacker intern at Evergreen, and one week so far has been a very rewarding experience. Why?? Every day is an opportunity to have new ideas to find solutions to create something new.

My week startedmeeting the team and learning a bit more about the company. In case you don’tknow this amazing start-up, I introduce you to Evergreen,a peer-to-peer recognition app for Slack and Teams that helps recognize a jobwell done in the workplace while planting trees for the planet. 

As a growthhacker, I need to work to achieve certain goals, and for doing that I need tolearn, practice, do some research, test, having ideas, Sisu (you might know it's a finnish word for the strength of will, determination, perseverance) and areminder that every action impacts something. After all, as it is said inEvergreen, Forward is Forward.

Every day Ilearned something new about the tech stack, which at first made me realize thatwhatever I think I knew was still not enough.

Like every new employee, I have been meeting the team, which  I am so grateful for because they have been so friendly and helpful with every question I have asked. I feel super excited about this experience because I have the chance to support Evergreen in its grow and making an impact on the planet.

Week two coming soon!



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