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January 25, 2023

A Week in the Life of a Herizon Growth Hacking Intern at EVERGREEN

A Week in the Life of a Herizon Growth Hacking Intern at EVERGREEN

In this journey of living in Finland, I started with a new adventure… Becoming a Herizon growth hacking intern at Evergreen, and one week so far has been a very rewarding experience.


Every day is an opportunity to have new ideas, find solutions, and create something new.

My week started with meeting the team and learning a bit more about the company. In case you don’t know this amazing start-up, I introduce you to Evergreen, a peer-to-peer recognition app for Slack and Teams that helps recognize a job well done in the workplace while planting trees for the planet. 

As a growth hacker, I need to work to achieve certain goals, and for doing that I need to: learn, practice, research, test, have ideas and have Sisu (you might know is a Finnish word for the strength of will, determination, perseverance). Also, keep I mind that every action has an impact on something. After all, as it is said in Evergreen,Forward is Forward.

Every day I learned something new about the tech stack, which at first made me realize that whatever I think I knew was still not enough.

Like every new employee, I have been meeting the team, which I am so grateful for because they have been so friendly and helpful with my every question. I feel super excited about this experience,I have the chance to support Evergreen in its growth while making an impact on the planet.

I will come back with week 2 of my internship experience!



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