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January 25, 2023

We always dreamt about moving to Finland

We always dreamt about moving to Finland
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Zeynep, Turkish

Hi everyone!

My name is Zeynep and I am from Turkey. I am a business professional with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and 2.5 years of experience in finance. In my free time, I love to walk in nature, and I enjoy traveling, cooking, and doing yoga.

In our search for new adventures and experiences, my husband and I moved to Finland in March 2022. We always dreamt about moving abroad at some point in our life, so here we are now 😊. Since then I have been rebuilding my life both professionally and socially. I have taken courses about Finnish work-life awareness and started to learn Finnish. My level of Finnish is already A1.3. Paljon onnea 😋

Back in my home country, I have worked in various industries, mainly with big cosmetic and international corporations. I quit my job and moved to Finland keeping in mind that thanks to my education and experiences I would get a job easily. However, that was not the case. I have applied for several positions with no success, and I hear that majority of highly educated foreigners are struggling with the same problems I am facing. Although this process is a bit draining, I did not lose hope, yet!

I heard from a friend here about Growth Hacking Internship, and I read the alumni’s stories, and it is just amazing.

Working for a startup means accountability, more and more responsibility, and constant learning. Now, my new goal is to join a startup as a Herizon growth hacker and experience many different challenges with people from different backgrounds. I am confident my previous work experience will be beneficial for the start-up and will enable my continuous growth.

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