Women do belong in tech.

Herizon is a non-profit with a mission of improving immigrant women employment in tech.

We have proven track record of training and employing 100+ individuals in 100+  companies in Nordics and Baltics.


Our mission

Herizon ry is a non-profit, registered association to create inclusive real-life opportunities in tech with internships, education and publishing.
Herizon's internship has a proven track-record of training and employing already 100 individuals.

Our team

I’m a self-taught human-centric growth tech nerd working at venture capital. I didn't have support entering tech, but with my current resources I can make it easier for you.

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Mari Luukkainen
Founder / Board member
Herizon’s scalability is my mission, to help as many women as possible and to give back to my lovely Finland. My background is in management consulting, tech customer success, and wellness.
Ale Sanchez Soto
Head of Operations / Board member
Anu Kantola
DEI Expert / Chair of the Board

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