Women do belong in tech.

Herizon is a non-profit with a mission of improving immigrant women employment in tech.

We have proven track record of training and employing 100+ individuals in 100+  companies in Nordics and Baltics.


Our mission

Herizon ry is a non-profit, registered association to create inclusive real-life opportunities in tech with internships, education and publishing.
Herizon's internship has a proven track-record of training and employing already 100 individuals.

Our team

I’m a self-taught human-centric growth tech nerd working at venture capital. I didn't have support entering tech, but with my current resources I can make it easier for you.

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Mari Luukkainen
Founder / Board member
Ale Sanchez Soto
Head of Operations / Board member
Anu Kantola
DEI Expert / Chair of the Board

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