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Herizon LinkedIn Bootcamp

Are you an international talent looking to boost your career prospects and network on LinkedIn? Join our exclusive LinkedIn coaching series designed specifically for you!


Herizon linkedin bootcamps

What to expect

- LinkedIn coaching series
- 4 comprehensive sessions/lessons with practical advice (a couple of hours per week for 4 weeks)
- Frameworks, and best practices
- Peer support and post boosting by the Herizon community

Themes of the sessions:
- Making your personal profile pop in search and recruitment
- Getting started on personal branding through posting content
- How to use storytelling and make friends with the algorithm
- Using your profile analytics to understand your audience
- Sessions are held entirely online

By the end of the training, you will learn how to:
- Maximize your chances of appearing in recruiter searches
- Present your expertise and experience effectively in your personal profile
- Create engaging content that showcases your expertise
- Utilize LinkedIn analytics and algorithm to your benefit
- Engage with the broader community and build valuable connections

Don't miss this opportunity to level up your LinkedIn game and open doors to new career possibilities! We've already witnessed a Herizon community member receiving 4 interview invites after a couple of weeks of LinkedIn activity.

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your linkedin coach

Viivi Marttinen

Your LinkedIn coach Viivi Marttinen is a professional people person with a background in people ops/HR, talent acquisition, and employer branding.

Currently serving as a Community Manager at Herizon, she is passionate about DEIB, organizational psychology, community building, and coaching.

Formerly at Supermetrics, Viivi Marttinen served as a People Operations Specialist, overseeing HR, hiring, and office management during a period of significant growth.

She led value workshops, implemented burnout prevention strategies, and played a key role in establishing international offices. Viivi's expertise in recruitment, HR processes, and employer branding contributed to Supermetrics' success.

With extensive experience in HR, hiring, and office management, Viivi has a proven track record in global talent acquisition and fostering employee engagement.

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